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Taking Tempeh to Madison Street

Published: Jakarta Post, May 26 2013

Simple as it is, tempeh turns out to be diners’ favorite in Bandung Restaurant — an Indonesian eatery in the US.

The restaurant’s owner, Mochammad Sjachrani, is proud of his tempeh, which he has personally made from the scratch in the past 15 years.

Tempeh is one of three kinds of soybean products from Asia — tofu from China, miso from Japan and tempeh from Indonesia.

“A long time ago, you only found tempeh in the homes of poor families because meat was expensive in Indonesia at that time. But now you can find tempeh in five star hotels,” said the man, better known as Roni, who also sells his tempeh at several stores near his restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin and ships some out of the state as well.

The tempeh at Bandung Restaurant is served in western style. One of the dishes, sambal goreng tempe (spicy fried tempeh), is delicious, with a pleasant balance of sweet and sour flavors. Although the name suggests it may be spicy, the dish is …

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